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  • Chapter 1: Hello Celia!

    Chapter 1: Hello Celia!

    ALLEVEN was born from Celia’s personal experiences—beauty secrets curated from her life as a model, artist, mother and global traveler. This touchpoint will peek into her world, introduce a few...

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  • Chapter 2: Resolutions to Love

    Chapter 2: Resolutions to Love

    Every year around this time, I find myself feeling good or not so good about the resolutions I contemplated a few weeks ago. The emotional commitments are easier to keep...

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  • Chapter 3: Beauty Sleep…it’s not a myth.

    Chapter 3: Beauty Sleep…it’s not a myth.

    There are a million reasons why a good night’s sleep is good for you. Beyond energy and mood, when it comes to beauty, there’s measurable and documented proof.  The recommended 7...

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  • Chapter 4: Post-Holiday Euphoria

    Chapter 4: Post-Holiday Euphoria

    After spending weeks with my family…I feel refreshed, motivated, and inspired…to take care of myself and everyone around me. I think many of us take in the generosity of the...

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