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Chapter 5: A Moment with Nature

Chapter 5: A Moment with Nature

I love springtime! Watching nature come back to life—sometimes overnight, sometimes slowly easing into the world after days of anticipation. It’s the time when gardening takes over my free time and becomes my escape during work. I have my kitchen garden, where I grow most of the vegetables we eat all season, I love the feeling that we could be self-sufficient, the independence that it lends us as a family. Even if we never have to take advantage of it, we don’t take it for granted. We also have flowers and orange trees and green everywhere.

Gardening for me is a metaphor for life. You plant a seed and you get a result. It takes time, it takes care, but it grows into something beautiful, sometimes unexpected.

This week I’ll be planting my Dahlia’s.  I can’t wait to be outdoors touching the soil and becoming one with nature. That connection is so important to me all year long, but especially in the spring, it provides a visual reminder of the joy of being alive.

These days I’m working 12 hours a day minimum, I turn to nature (my garden) for a little intermission, it clears my head completely.

Doing the things you like—for me being close to nature is integral to life, being outside, stopping and listening to the birds—can turn anything positive. The wind, the smell of the rain, it all awakens the senses and makes one much more alert and in-the-moment and more creative, which, for me, translates to the ALLEVEN products.

To create Prodigy Oil and Total Toner, I wanted a scent that would make you feel calmer and in-the-moment…the scent of my childhood, notes of rosemary, lavender, orange, lemon (citrus really makes you feel present), a scent that signals self-care and resonates an intimate moment. An intimate moment like when you are connected to nature, like when you are in nature.

And now, these products are central to my Spring skincare routine—Ultra Cleanser, Total Toner and Prodigy Oil for day, mixed with Sublime for night.  They smooth out the rough winter layer and prepare your skin for summer with all kinds of benefits beyond moisture and preservation so you have time to enjoy the season. Naturally.

Learn the name of a flower

Touch the earth

Walk barefoot

Plant something outside your window

And please, let me know how it goes…the feelings it inspires…the ideas planted in your mind…

Xo Celia.

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