ALLEVEN is a London based cosmetic brand founded on the belief that taking care of your body should be a joyful experience.

Our philosophy is to treat our clients with respect and honesty, and to deliver on our commitment to provide the highest quality products whilst being environmentally conscious.

ALLEVEN is designed to answer the need for a high-performance concealer with an elegant and sophisticated touch, inspired by the demands of the modern woman who wants to look her best at all times.

At ALLEVEN we believe that “confidence is the real beauty”, and that when you feel good, you look good.

The Story

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After years of searching for an effective body concealer that can be used all year round, and on any occasion, Celia Forner, founder and CEO, created ALLEVEN COLOUR SHIELD to visibly diminish imperfections, to warm every complexion with a hue of sun-kissed bronze, all the while protecting and hydrating your skin from the rigors of every-day life.

As a result of many years of experience in the world of fashion and beauty, Celia has created this unique body cosmetic airbrush an elegant and sophisticated veil for your body, the perfect finishing touch anytime, anywhere.

Global Brand Ambassador

Celebrity makeup artist, Sir John has been a fan of ALLEVEN London since its launch in 2018, when he used the brand’s award-winning debut product, Colour Shield, on some of his most famous clients including Beyoncé during last year’s Coachella performance. “From the minute I first tried ALLEVEN’s Colour Shield, I knew it was perfect for the red carpet, a night on the town or on stage. The fact that’s it’s waterproof, sweat proof, nontransferable and looks so flawless on all skin tones, I knew that this product was truly a game changer and I needed to be a part of its journey.”