Large Blending Brush

Applying, sculpting & blending

Kabuki is a premium brush with a rounded design and very compact bristles consisting of ultra-soft, high quality synthetic fibers. Its domed shaped and high density make it ideal for applying, sculpting and blending our COLOUR SHIELD spray foundation, as well as making it a very useful tool for quickly and easily applying either loose or compact powder. Its practical wooden handle and ample top guarantee a soft, even and natural-looking finish on both face and body.

Size: N/A



Vegan, Handmade and Sustainable for all kinds of formulas.

High quality brush created from:

  • beech wood from controlled logging forests (handle)
  • solvent-free lacquer
  • recyclable aluminum (clamp)
  • high density of very soft and fine (0.10) synthetic fibers

For quick and simple application for all occasions: once the COLOUR SHIELD spray has been applied to the face or body, gently blend the product using rounded motions from the interior to the exterior to create a natural look on areas that need more coverage.

It is also possible to saturate the brush with COLOUR SHIELD and then gently glide the brush on the skin for event coverage.