Chapter 3: Beauty Sleep…it’s not a myth.

There are a million reasons why a good night’s sleep is good for you. Beyond energy and mood, when it comes to beauty, there’s measurable and documented proof.  The recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep promise less swollen eyes, fewer dark circles, hanging corners of the mouth, wrinkles and fine lines. While we sleep, our…

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Chapter 2: Resolutions to Love

Every year around this time, I find myself feeling good or not so good about the resolutions I contemplated a few weeks ago. The emotional commitments are easier to keep and easier to hide if you don’t. And then there are those resolutions that are easier to see. Quitting this or that, cutting down this…

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Chapter 1: Hello Celia!


ALLEVEN was born from Celia’s personal experiences—beauty secrets curated from her life as a model, artist, mother and global traveler. This touchpoint will peek into her world, introduce a few of her favorite things, revel in spirited culture, and open our eyes to the new and the exquisite, the tried & true and, of course,…

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